Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Memories of "home"

Whew the weeks have flown by since I left the Philippines and arrived back "home" in Canada. It's so good to be settled in my wee apartment. As I look around my apartment it's full of memories...a teacup of my great grandmothers, a wall hanging from my grandmother, some glass bowls from my aunt, a table & chairs and a lazyboy chair given by a widow lady, other bits and pieces of furniture given by another senior who moved into a retirement home, borrowed furniture from my mom, borrowed curtains from someone else and the list goes on. Alot of things I picked up at garage sales in years gone by and recently too. (My mom and I went to 12 garage sales last weekend. )
I will enjoy this "home" for a year until it's time to pack my bags again.
Right now I'm feeling somewhat settled but it's still obvious that I am in "transition". Like yesterday when I had to methodically look at the coins in my purse ... then I paid the clerk too much...I was thinking pesos not cents or when I hesistate when asked my phone number hoping I will remember it.
The sights and smells of "home" are everywhere...the freshly mown hay in the farmers field, my Mom's cooking, Tim Horton's coffee, fields of grazing sheep, flocks of quacking Canadian geese practicing their "V" formation as they get ready to migrate south, beavers building their dams for the winter, deer grazing in the farmers fields, squirrels gathering nuts for hibernation, leaves turning orange and red....
It's good to be "home"!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Farewell - Goodbye - See you later

Saying 'goodbye' yet again. In a few hours I'll be flying across the Pacific back to my nativeland, Canada. This past week was full of goodbye's. I was so touched by the surprize farewell that my colleagues put on for me the other night. They said so many affirming can I not return next year! Why are "farewell's" so important? They give us a chance to reflect on the past few years and say 'goodbye'. One thing I've learned over the years is that saying "goodbye" does not get easier. I don't know what is ahead in this year...there are still lots of uncertainties but I anticipate the unknown because I am not alone. An unseen one goes before me and with me into the future. He has promised to "never leave me or abandon me". What a promise to cling to as I pack my bags AGAIN!!!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Where is home?

I'm in the process of packing up my house or at least most of it. (Some colleagues are moving in so at least I can leave some things for them to use.) It's quite unsettling but this is the life I've chosen. I've lived in 12 different houses in the Philippines and 4 different places in Canada over the past 24 years. "Home" where is it? I've lived off and on in the Philippines for 24 years. I feel "at home" here now but I'm still a "foreigner". My white skin keeps reminding me and everyone else. I hold a Canadian passport and all my family are in Canada but I don't feel "at home" there anymore. I try to make "home" wherever I unpack my suitcase. One good thing about moving around alot is that you get rid of unnecessary "things". I'm naturally a "pack rat" I hate to throw away something that might be useful. For instance I save empty powdered milk boxes to use as gift boxes. However I'm learning to get rid of things to reduce my "clutter" and baggage.
When I see my friends settled in their comfortable homes it can be tempting to wish I had more of a stable life. But I wouldn't trade my "nomaid" life for anything. Come to think of it we are all pilgrims on planet earth. I have a poster on my wall that is a good reminder for me it says "Heaven, it's a great place to call home". That's the only place that I'll ever really feel at home.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

"Technically challenged" takes the plunge!!!

I've been wanting to start a blog for ages but I was so scared. Could I really do it? Who would read it anyways? I have a friend, an "expert" blogger, who has inspired AND helped me to get started so ... here I am!!! Only a few weeks ago I did my first power point presentation also with the help of a friend who knows more than me. I'm not a "solo flight" person, I need people who can help me tackle yet another technical challenge. Sometimes I feel I'm on overload trying to catch up to the latest high tech. I can't believe 10 years has passed since I bought my FIRST computer, something I vowed I wouldn't do. After all I had lived for 16 years without a telephone and frequently endured "brownouts" (power cuts) so I thought I was too "old" to enter the "computer tech world". Now I wonder what life would be like without my computer -email, skype and MSN?
I've learned a lesson as I manevour the IT world - that it's never too late to teach a "not to old dog" new tricks. I'm also thankful for friends who patiently journey with me.
Are you facing any challenges this week?