Saturday, July 28, 2007

Where is home?

I'm in the process of packing up my house or at least most of it. (Some colleagues are moving in so at least I can leave some things for them to use.) It's quite unsettling but this is the life I've chosen. I've lived in 12 different houses in the Philippines and 4 different places in Canada over the past 24 years. "Home" where is it? I've lived off and on in the Philippines for 24 years. I feel "at home" here now but I'm still a "foreigner". My white skin keeps reminding me and everyone else. I hold a Canadian passport and all my family are in Canada but I don't feel "at home" there anymore. I try to make "home" wherever I unpack my suitcase. One good thing about moving around alot is that you get rid of unnecessary "things". I'm naturally a "pack rat" I hate to throw away something that might be useful. For instance I save empty powdered milk boxes to use as gift boxes. However I'm learning to get rid of things to reduce my "clutter" and baggage.
When I see my friends settled in their comfortable homes it can be tempting to wish I had more of a stable life. But I wouldn't trade my "nomaid" life for anything. Come to think of it we are all pilgrims on planet earth. I have a poster on my wall that is a good reminder for me it says "Heaven, it's a great place to call home". That's the only place that I'll ever really feel at home.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

"Technically challenged" takes the plunge!!!

I've been wanting to start a blog for ages but I was so scared. Could I really do it? Who would read it anyways? I have a friend, an "expert" blogger, who has inspired AND helped me to get started so ... here I am!!! Only a few weeks ago I did my first power point presentation also with the help of a friend who knows more than me. I'm not a "solo flight" person, I need people who can help me tackle yet another technical challenge. Sometimes I feel I'm on overload trying to catch up to the latest high tech. I can't believe 10 years has passed since I bought my FIRST computer, something I vowed I wouldn't do. After all I had lived for 16 years without a telephone and frequently endured "brownouts" (power cuts) so I thought I was too "old" to enter the "computer tech world". Now I wonder what life would be like without my computer -email, skype and MSN?
I've learned a lesson as I manevour the IT world - that it's never too late to teach a "not to old dog" new tricks. I'm also thankful for friends who patiently journey with me.
Are you facing any challenges this week?